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Debarge: The New First Family Of Motown

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 3 May 1983

IT SEEMS that Motown have finally found the successor to the Jacksons! After the ineffectiveness of the first album by the Debarge family, their second ...

There's No Town Like Motown

Report and Interview by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, 30 July 1983

25 years on the dancefloor, Tamla Motown is still the black music label. In the '60s, their motto was 'The Sound Of Young America' — then hard ...

DeBarge: In A Special Way (Gordy ZL 72004)

Review by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 7 April 1984

LORDY, MISTER Gordy, your funk family DeBarge sure need a big British boost. So far the impression is that if I stood outside RM Mansions ...

DeBarge's Family Affair: Motown Spawns Another Jackson 5

Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 26 April 1984

AT MOTOWN Records these days, they're talking about the "new Jacksons." That's the word on DeBarge, a group of siblings whose latest LP, In a ...

DeBarge: Rhythm Of The Night (Gordy ZL72340)

Review by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 27 April 1985

THEY HAD to plagiarise Lionel Richie to do it, but at least the streetparty sound of 'Rhythm Of The Night' has finally brought the DeBarge ...

DeBarge: Argy-DeBargy

Interview by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 11 May 1985

Could DeBarge be subtitled 'The Richie Family'? Is there any fraternal rivalry? Surely not, says Paul Sexton ...

DeBarge: Happy Families?

Interview by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 6 July 1985

Hmm... it's not exactly kissy kissy time in the DeBarge family camp these days. Paul Sexton sniffs inter-sibling rivalry beneath the ultrawhite smiles ...

Motown: Designer label

Report by Lloyd Bradley, The Independent, 9 May 1991

Lloyd Bradley on the changing fortunes of the Motown label ...

The Rise and Fall of The DeBarge Family

Retrospective and Interview by Michael A. Gonzales, Vibe, October 2007

The DeBarge family – El, Marty, Randy, Bunny and James, not to mention Thomas, Bobby, and baby brother Chico – were supposed to be Motown's ...

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