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Death Cult: Trinity Hall, Bristol

Live Review by Richard North, New Musical Express, 17 September 1983


The Cult: The Cultivation Of A Better Noise

Interview by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 6 October 1984

The tribal panavisuals of The Cult have rallied hordes. But CYNTHIA ROSE discovered the true extension chords lurking in the minds behind the war-paint. DEREK ...

The Cult: Love (Sire); Barbra Streisand: The Broadway Album (Columbia)

Review by J. Kordosh, Creem, April 1986


The Cult: All You Need Is Love Rock!

Interview by Howard Johnson, Kerrang!, 2 April 1987

HOWARD JOHNSON tries very hard not to say 'I told you so' (and fails) as THE CULT cast aside any 'Gothic' or 'Alternative' tags that ...

Dawn of the Def

Overview by uncredited writer, New Musical Express, 9 May 1987

The wit and wisdom of DEF JAM as captured in the NME. From Rick Rubin as hipster to Beastie Boys as Sex Zeppelin and beyond. ...

Billy Idol, The Cult: Forum, Los Angeles

Live Review by Bill Holdship, Creem, September 1987

Dr. Freud, I Presume ...

Heavy Metal: The Sound Too Dense to Die

Comment by James Hunter, L.A. Weekly, 16 October 1987

TWENTY SUMMERS ago, it was love. In 1987 it was metal, pop-metal, ushered in by Bon Jovi's much less musicianly 7-mil play on Van Halen's ...

The Cult: Sonic Temple

Review by David Sinclair, Q, May 1989

Led-heavy and light of finger, The Cult are back ...

The Cult: Cult Following

Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 13 July 1989

Once postpunk's bad boys, the members of the Cult have found fame with Sonic Temple ...

Exit The '80s — Goth: Bats Out Of Hell

Overview by Cathi Unsworth, Sounds, 23 September 1989

It's been the decade of the goth — but, somewhere along the line, the innovation of the Birthday Party, the Banshees and the Sisters gave ...

The Cult: NEC, Birmingham

Live Review by Barbara Ellen, New Musical Express, 30 November 1991


The Cult: Bill and Ian's Excellent Adventure

Report and Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 15 February 1992

Free-wheelin' through the Deep South, peddling their Bible Of Dangerous Rawk to innocent kids and getting chased by magnum-toting sheriffs...Yeah, THE CULT are still up ...

Various Artists: Gothic Rock

Review by Mat Snow, Q, July 1992

Was goth really any more than wearing silly clothes and humming funereal dirges? ...

Ian Astbury and the Doors: One door shuts... another door opens

Report and Interview by Tim Cooper, The Independent, 10 December 2003

When Jim Morrison died, in 1971, that was the end of the Doors. Or was it? Thirty years later, the remaining members have hired a ...

Cult returns with new CD

Report and Interview by Gene Santoro, New York Daily News, 9 November 2007

FIRST, THE GROUP tapped into punk and goth. Then they stirred in psychedelia on 1985's 'She Sells Sanctuary'. By 1987, the Rick Rubin-produced album Electric ...

Love Remembered: The Cult

Retrospective and Interview by James Brown, Sabotage Times, 19 February 2010

TOM VAGUE, writer/historian, Ladbroke Grove: ...

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