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The Cowboy Junkies (1996)

Interview by Johnny Black, Rock's Backpages audio, 1996

Timmins frère et soeur talk about recording, writing and performing, and latest album Lay It Down.

File format: mp3; file size: 15.4mb, interview length: 16' 52" sound quality: *****

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Saddled With The Blues: Cowboy Junkies

Interview by Len Brown, New Musical Express, 1988

JOHN WAYNE on smack? Is that what you expected and outfit who call themselves Cowboy Junkies to sound like? Wild country and western shoot-outs and ...

Cowboy Junkies Shoot For Success

Interview by Holly Gleason, Rolling Stone, 9 March 1989

NASHVILLE'S BLUEBIRD CAFE is packed for the local debut of the Cowboy Junkies. The Canadian bands lethargic cover of 'Sweet Jane' has been talked up ...

Cowboy Junkies: Lone Rangers on the Country Landscape

Profile and Interview by Simon Reynolds, The Observer, 26 March 1989

SIMON REYNOLDS rides with the Cowboy Junkies ...

Cowboy Junkies: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 27 March 1989

Cowpoking explorers: one of the newest names in New Country and an all-out thrash attack ...

The Cowboy Junkies: Cowboy country

Profile and Interview by Mark Cooper, The Guardian, 30 June 1989

Mark Cooper hears how the Cowboy Junkies draw on Canada for their inspiration ...

Cowboy Junkies: Horse Latitudes

Interview by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 24 February 1990

"MOST OF THE SONGS, there's a grain of hope in there. The characters are always striving for something else. They're in a situation which is ...

Kris Kristofferson Meets The Cowboy Junkies: Country Music On The Morning After

Interview by Fred Schruers, Musician, June 1990

KRIS KRISTOFFERSON occupies an unusual place among American songwriters. His songs have been covered by such legends as his inspiration Bob Dylan ('They Killed Him'), ...

The Cowboy Junkies: Chill out

Interview by Robert Sandall, Q, March 1991

THERE IS something about 547 Crawford Street with its beer crate-strewn hallway, ashtray-scented kitchen (replete with moist, green furry organisms in the unlikeliest of places) ...

Cowboy Junkies: Whites Off Earth Now!!

Review by Stephen Dalton, Vox, April 1991

PICTURE THE SCENE in 1986. The Junkies are lurking in their garage with a two-track machine and single microphone, ready for a jam session. But ...

Cowboy Junkies: Black Eyed Man (RCA)

Review by Richard C. Walls, Musician, March 1992

THE NAME Cowboy Junkies suggests an addiction to an attitude, and the nodded-out, muted quality of their music — everything, including the drums, Margo Timmins' ...

Cowboy Junkies: Black-Eyed Man

Review by Max Bell, Vox, March 1992

TORONTO'S CELEBRATED Cowboy Junkies have never seemed to pay fashionable music much at­tention. Back in '86 they recorded an extraordinary set of bluesy covers called ...

Cowboy Junkies: Steers Beers and Pointy Ears

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 7 March 1992

Q: Who killed John Wayne?A: Burt Lungcancer.– Cowboy drug joke, trad. ...

Cowboy Junkies: Pale Sun, Crescent Moon

Review by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 11 December 1993

COWBOY JUNKIES have long been masters of understatement, their holier-than-wow, whispering glass elegies sliding slowly down the walls of heartache, all good taste and honey. ...

Cowboy Junkies take the indie route

Report and Interview by Nicholas Jennings, Maclean's, 7 May 2001

IT'S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to imagine Margo Timmins as a bad-tempered diva. The angel-voiced singer of Canada's Cowboy Junkies has always been a point of calm ...

Cowboy Junkies: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, January 2002

ARGUABLY, TORONTO'S Cowboy Junkies were the Neil Armstrong of Their Trinity Session album of '88, recorded live in a church, dragged the forlorn mannerisms ...

Cowboy Junkies: Early 21st Century Blues

Review by Terry Staunton, Record Collector, September 2005

Conchie dispatches from the folk frontline ...

Cowboy Junkies: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Tim Cooper, The Independent, 17 October 2007

IT WOULD BE myth-making mischief to suggest that, upon its release 20 years ago, The Trinity Session was acclaimed as a landmark album. The best ...

The Cowboy Junkies: A Holy Ghost Feeling

Interview by Fred Mills, Harp, March 2008

CHARLOTTE, NC, 1990: The Cowboy Junkies have just taken the stage of Spirit Square, an old church renovated into a performance venue. ...

Cowboy Junkies: Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, The Times, 25 January 2013

ON ANY LIST of cool rock-star accessories, an old-fashioned tea trolley will rank somewhere near the bottom. But when Toronto's alt-country veterans Cowboy Junkies played ...


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