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Cockney Rejects

Cockney Rejects

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Cockney Rejects: Greatest Hits Vol 1

Review by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 1 March 1980

WHEN I first met Micky Geggus and Stinky Turner and heard their tape I knew there was something about it and them that said they ...

Cockney Rejects: Have They Bitten Off More Than They Can Chew?

Report and Interview by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 5 July 1980

"THIS IS A once in a generation band. The sort of band who'll either be massive in eighteen months or dead or both." ...

Cockney Rejects: Have the Rejects dumped Oi for HM?

Interview by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 28 February 1981

Garry Bushell in the troubled waters of London's punk/metal crossover ...

Cockney Rejects: The Wild Ones (NEMS pre-release)****

Review by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 19 June 1982

Flairs and riffers ...

Oi! and Skinheads: Coming a Cropper

Comment by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 6 November 1982

A passionate defence of skinhead culture by GARRY BUSHELL. ...


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