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Clyde McPhatter (1968)

Interview by Charlie Gillett, Rock's Backpages audio, 1968

From Harlem in the '50s to London in the late '60s: Clyde McPhatter on Billy Ward and the Dominos, The Drifters, Atlantic Records, Alan Freed and the usual trials and tribulations of an R&B artist.

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Clyde McPhatter: Clyde Mixes Country, Gospel And Blues

Profile and Interview by Roger St. Pierre, Top Pops, 13 September 1969

EUROPE IN GENERAL, and Britain especially, seems to be exerting an increasingly strong magnetic attraction to coloured American artists. Not only do they like to ...

Clyde McPhatter: Welcome Home

Review by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, November 1971

CLYDE MCPHATTER is one of the best singers to come out of the early 50s vocal group tradition. After a stint with Billy Ward and ...

Clyde McPhatter: A Personal Tribute

Obituary by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 30 June 1972

CLYDE McPhatter is dead. I would be a liar if I said I was surprised because Clyde has been 'lost' for quite a few years. ...

Personal Recollection: Clyde McPhatter & the Drifter Years

Memoir by Jerry Wexler, Rolling Stone, 20 July 1972

(Jerry Wexler is Executive Vice-President at Atlantic Records, the most significant of the early independent labels that recorded R&B. He and Ahmet Ertegun produced the ...

Clyde McPhatter: Atlantic Masters (Atlantic)

Review by Charlie Gillett, New Musical Express, 10 March 1973

WELL, IS SINGING coming back or not? The signs are, maybe yes. Billy Paul, for instance, and the Chi-Lites, Stylistics, and Detroit Emeralds. ...

Clyde McPhatter

Retrospective by Bill Millar, The History of Rock, 1981

PERHAPS THE MOST INNOVATIVE OF ALL R&B singers, Clyde McPhatter brought a new and radical sound to popular music by singing with a spirit and ...

Rock Returns to Holy Rolling

Essay by Geoffrey Himes, Baltimore Sun, 14 June 1981

ON SATURDAY nights in 1956, transistor radios in the hands of eager teenagers all over America shuddered with the sensual sound of Elvis Presley's 'Hound ...

Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters

Sleeve notes by Pete Grendysa, Atlantic Records, 1988

FROM THE MOMENT the lights were dimmed in the old St. Nicholas Arena for Alan Freed's first New York Rock And Roll Show in January, ...

Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters

Sleeve notes by Gene Sculatti, Collector's Choice Music, August 2007

"I fell in love with the man's voice. I toured with the group and watched Clyde and listened; finally I got a chance to join ...

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