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Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde (Columbia C2L 41 028 841)

Review by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 3 July 1966

Playboy Hops on Dylan Bandwagon ...

Payin' Some Dues — Blues at Ann Arbor

Live Review by Miller Francis jr., The Great Speckled Bird, 18 August 1969

"I'd like for them to hear the real things. I don't think yet that most of the white people like my music because it's blues. I ...

Clifton Chenier: St. Mark's church hall, Richmond CA; The Wackers: New Orleans House, Berkeley CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 6 November 1971

Down Home Boogie Band ...

Clifton Chenier's Cajun comes with French dressing

Report and Interview by Gary Kenton, Rolling Stone, 22 September 1977

The king of Zydeco accordion ...

Clifton Chenier: Verbum Dei High School, Watts, Los Angeles

Live Review by Don Snowden, Musician, January 1981

VERBUM DEI High School is better known for turning out basketball players like the Chicago Bulls' David Greenwood than staging musical events, but zydeco king ...

Clifton Chenier: Club Lingerie, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 6 August 1983


Clifton Chenier: Live at the San Francisco Blues Festival

Review by Don Snowden, The Boston Phoenix, 19 November 1985

ZYDECO, the musical marriage of Louisiana's indigenous Cajun and Southern R&B traditions, first crawled out from the bayous and oil derricks of southwestern Louisiana 30 ...

Arhoolie Records: Do-It-Yourself Library Of Congress

Interview by Gene Santoro, Pulse!, February 1987

Arhoolie Records' Chris Strachwitz is Still Finding Great Music in Out-of-the-Way Places ...

Remembering Clifton Chenier, the King of Zydeco

Obituary by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 20 December 1987

THE ONLY WAY Angelenos could get a true glimpse of the musical world of Clifion Chenier, who died last weekend at 62, was to attend ...


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