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Cher: All I Really Wanna Do (Liberty)

Review by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 17 September 1965

CHER'S LP — Track-by-track ...

DISCussion: singles from Gene Clark, Buffalo Springfield and more

Review by Eden, KRLA Beat, 31 December 1966

ONE OF the prettiest records to date from Cher is her newest, 'Mama'. This one is another Sonny Bono composition, and it really is a ...

Cher: 3614 Jackson Highway (Atco mono and stereo 228 026; 37s 6d)

Review by Richard Green, New Musical Express, 13 September 1969

WITH THREE Bob Dylan songs, one by Steve Stills and another by Otis Redding and Steve Cropper, Cher has a pretty good mixture — and ...

Cher Is Back

Profile and Interview by Penny Valentine, Sounds, 30 October 1971

FIVE YEARS ago a stocky guy with hair to his shoulders and a fur coat round his shoulders and a slim, stunning girl who wore ...

Cher: Half-Breed

Review by Jaan Uhelszki, Creem, January 1974

CHER BONO is a Barbie dress-up doll. A fantastic ride from juke box to juke box to an island on the TV freeway. An early ...

Cher: Half Breed (MCA-2104)

Review by Paul Gambaccini, Rolling Stone, 14 February 1974

CHER AND producer Snuff Garrett have resurrected the LP pegged to a hit single and embellished it with a few cover versions and throwaway tracks. ...

LaBelle: It Happened In Hollywood

Report by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 4 January 1975

IT HAPPENED in Hollywood.To be precise it happened on The Cher Show. ...

Cher: Stars

Review by John Mendelsohn, Phonograph Record, May 1975

ALLOW ME TO ventilate my prejudices up-front, just so you'll be hip as to where I'm coming from. I appreciate that being invited out for ...

Cher: Stars/Cher's Greatest Hits; Tammy Wynette: The Best Of Tammy Wynette

Review by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, 21 June 1975

IN MANY WAYS Cher and Tammy Wynette make up the two facets of the Cosmopolitan philosophy, that candy coated version of feminism that seems to ...

Cher by J. Randy Taraborrelli ***

Book Review by Mark Cooper, Q, March 1991

"I DON'T THINK this means I am somebody," remarked a tearful Cher of the 1988 Best Actress Oscar she won for Moonstruck, "but, you know, ...

Cher: Spare ribs, anyone?

Report by Terry Staunton, New Musical Express, 29 June 1991

Hungry for publicity for her new album, CHER says "Let's do lunch!" A dramatic TERRY STAUNTON puts on his best bib and tucker, but proves ...

Cher: Love Hurts (Geffen)

Review by Paul Elliott, Vox, July 1991

INEVITABLY, THE title song is a cover of the Everly Brothers standard, as covered previously by journeyman Brit rockers Nazareth. A pub singer staple, 'Love ...

Cher: Love Hurts (Geffen/All formats)

Review by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 6 July 1991

STRONG POP-women ditch bastard men to make it big time. Mad Donna slung out stroppy Sean to become Number One Rock Goddess whilst mighty hewed ...

Cher: Love Hurts (Geffen)

Review by Caroline Sullivan, Smash Hits, 10 July 1991

THIS ALBUM, earthlings, is one exhausting experience. ...

Cher: Self Made Woman

Interview by Mal Peachey, Vox, August 1991


Who The Hell Does Cher Think She Is?

Report and Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Q, August 1991

Ladies and gentlemen. You are about to meet a living legend. A goddess. A true star. Any minute now... Well, half an hour, definitely... (Tum-ti-tum ...

Cher: The Beat Goes On

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Q, May 1992

...But for how much longer? Q accepts an invitation to Cher's bedroom and finds a woman who is troubled with doubt. "I'm not sure where ...

Cher: Daring To Be Different

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1995

CHER'S NEW ALBUM It's A Man's World may well have the most apt, albeit ironically stated, title of the year. For her first project for ...

The Beat Goes On: For the Fourth Decade in a Row, Cher Hits a High Note

Report and Interview by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 16 July 1999

CHER KNOWS WHAT it means to ride rock and roll's wild roller coaster. Over the years, she has zoomed to the top and plummeted to ...

Cher: Live At Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California, August 20th, 1999

Live Review by Erik Himmelsbach, Rolling Stone, 30 September 1999

BY EMBRACING her inner Studio 54, Cher recently landed the biggest hit of her four-decade career with the dance-house thumper ‘Believe’. Her mammoth stage show, ...

Cher, Michael McDonald: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Paul Sexton, The Times, 18 October 1999

EVEN THE wags who bang on about Cher's supposed season ticket to the body parts workshop must have a grudging respect for her extraordinary staying ...

The Backpages Interview: Cher

Interview by Melody Nelson, Rock's Backpages, 17 November 2001

SHE IS ONE of the supreme pop divas, the half-native-American goddess formerly known as Cherilyn Sarkarsian LaPier. Her rollercoaster ride of a career has taken ...

Ten Questions For Cher

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, February 2002

Barney Hoskyns quizzes the pop goddess about power-ballad stardom, Phil Spector and seeing the sun rise over Sonny Bono's ass. ...

Kiss and Cher: the minder reveals all

Interview by Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph, 3 September 2003

For 30 years, Michael Francis has been a bodyguard and fixer to some of rocks least controllable artists. He tells Mick Brown what it takes ...

Cher's Farewell Tour: Glasgow SECC

Live Review by Kathryn Flett, The Observer, 16 May 2004

"WILL IT START when all the people with tickets are in?" whispers the girl seated behind me at the Glasgow SECC, venue for the first ...

How Auto-Tune Revolutionized the Sound of Popular Music

Essay by Simon Reynolds, Pitchfork, 17 September 2018

An in-depth history of the most important pop innovation of the last 20 years, from Cher's 'Believe' to Kanye West to Migos ...

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