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Carl Perkins: 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Profile by Colin Escott, The History of Rock, 1981

One song rocketed Carl Perkins to stardom ...

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Chuck Berry, Kingsize Taylor & the Dominos, Carl Perkins, the Animals, the Nashville Teens: Finsbury Park Astoria, London

Live Review by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 16 May 1964


Carl Perkins: Here's the man to set you patting your blue suedes

Profile and Interview by Maureen Cleave, The Evening Standard, 6 June 1964

CARL PERKINS has a place of his own at the very beginning of the rock 'n' roll story. On January 1, 1956, he recorded a ...

Carl Perkins

Interview by Michael Lydon, Rolling Stone, 7 December 1968

"IF IT WEREN'T FOR the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song," said Carl Perkins with a comic dolefulness. He had just ...

Sun Records: Country Meets Rock

Retrospective by Guy Stevens, International Times, 23 May 1969

An occasional series which looks into pop music and its antecedents is the latest plot to swell our readership figures, thereby making the fuzz look ...

Sun Records: The Ooby Dooby

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 30 October 1970

"'SINFUL MUSIC,' the townsfolk in Memphis said it was. Which never bothered me, I guess." Elvis Presley, interviewed in 1957. In the early 1950s, the ...


Report and Interview by Tom McWilliams, Playdate, May 1971

TALL, BROAD shouldered — Johnny Cash is a big man, bulky with a dignity weightier than his 39 years. Behind his black shirt front the ...

Boss Blues Bopper: Carl Perkins

Retrospective by Bill Millar, Cream, July 1971

Kilburn High Street. November 2nd 1964. 10.15 p.m. Half a dozen youths are jigging about and clapping their hands. Not just to keep them warm ...

Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, the Carter Family, the Statler Brothers: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Live Review by Richard Green, New Musical Express, 25 September 1971

THE LEGEND that has grown up around Johnny Cash got its first in-person airing in Britain for three years at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on ...

Johnny Cash, Carter Family, Statler Brothers, Carl Perkins: Civic Center, Atlanta GA

Live Review by Gene Guerrero, The Great Speckled Bird, 14 February 1972

Oil Commercials & Falling Idols ...

Johnny Cash, Carter Family, Statler Brothers, Carl Perkins: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Andrew Means, Melody Maker, 7 October 1972

FOR ONE reason or another, Johnny Cash has a rather fearsome image. It's been tempered in recent times by some of the songs he's written ...

Carl Perkins

Retrospective by Martin Hawkins, Let It Rock, February 1975

And when I hear that double-eagle guitar Makes me think of Carl Perkins when he was a star,Makes me think I spent some of my ...

Interview: Carl Perkins, October 31, 1978 at the Bijou Café, Philadelphia, Pa.

Interview by Peter Stone Brown, unpublished, 31 October 1978

THIS INTERVIEW took place backstage at the Bijou Café right before Carl Perkins was to do his first show in Philadelphia in years with a ...

Carl Perkins' Family Affair

Interview by John Morthland, Rolling Stone, 8 February 1979

"WELL IT'S one for the money/Two for the show/I'd dance/But I'm too old," a beaming, bouncing forty-six-year-old Carl Perkins mocked from the Bottom Line stage ...

The Million Dollar Quartet

Essay by Dave Marsh, Musician, June 1981

WE USUALLY think of Elvis Presley simply stepping into Sun Studios in Memphis, in answer to Sam Phillips' call, and walking out a few days ...

Chips Moman's Memphis Revival

Report and Interview by Joe Sasfy, Country Music, January 1984

Legendary stars, legendary producers, legendary backup singers and a pretty hefty studio band all got together for Chips Moman's new Memphis album. The veteran producer ...

Sunrise In Memphis

Report and Interview by Joe Sasfy, Musician, February 1986

Nashville's Hottest Producer, Chips Moman Returns to the Birthplace of Rock ...

Perkins, Presley et al: The Complete Million Dollar Session

Review by Bill Holdship, Creem, June 1988

TOTALLY UNEXPECTED, totally out of the blue, and just when you'd almost given up on hearing anything this exciting again... ...

Carl Perkins: Born To Rock

Review by Tom Graves, Rock & Roll Disc, July 1989

BORN TO ROCK, the first album from rockabilly legend Carl Perkins in quite some time, is a respectable if not an especially remarkable work. ...

Carl Perkins with David McGee: Go, Cat, Go! – The Life and Times of Carl Perkins, The King of Rockabilly

Book Review by Tom Graves, The Washington Post, 23 June 1996

RECORD PRODUCER Sam Phillips, who owned the tiny Sun record label in Memphis, has been hounded for years by journalists and biographers about his decision ...

Carl Perkins, 1932-1998

Obituary by Ted Drozdowski, The Boston Phoenix, 2 February 1998

CATS ARE SUPPOSED to have nine lives. Rockabilly cat Carl Perkins had at least three. The first got spent in '56. As Perkins was driving to ...

Carl Perkins: Let It Bleed

Profile by David Dalton, Gadfly, July 1998

IF THIS WERE the world it ought to be — that fantasy rockabilly kingdom dream up at Sun Records in the mid-fifties of flash, trash ...


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