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Canned Heat: The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Tony Leigh, KRLA Beat, 13 January 1968

CANNED HEAT, a blues oriented group that bases itself in the Los Angeles area, opened at the Troubadour to an enthusiastic audience. The response from ...

Wailing With Canned Heat

Interview by Tony Leigh, KRLA Beat, 27 January 1968

CANNED HEAT plays the Blues. Not the Blues of the 1920s and '30s, but an extension of that sound, that era, brought up to date ...

Rock & Roll Crusader: Detroit

Report by uncredited writer, Warren-Forest Sun, The, 1 March 1968

DETROIT IS turning into ROCK CITY before our eyes, and we love it! All over the country groups are being "discovered, " and cities like ...

Platter Chatter: albums from Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendrix et al

Review by uncredited writer, Hit Parader, July 1968

STEPPENWOLF is a magnificent first album by a magnificent quintet of the same name. It's the conventional guitar, drums, organ line-up, but the best we've ...

Canned Heat: Coming from the States in September — A Hard Blues and Rock Group

Profile by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 17 August 1968

CANNED HEAT, who crept into the bottom of the chart last week at 28 with 'On The Road Again' are a hard blues and rock ...

Canned Heat — Putting Blues Back on its Feet Again

Interview by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 31 August 1968

"WE ARE a country blues band. That's our main bag," said Bob "The Bear" Hite, lead singer of Canned Heat, the West Coast blues band ...

Canned Heat, The Group That Refused To Be A Juke Box And Got Fired

Interview by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 14 September 1968

AFTER THE tensions and hatred of America, Canned Heat, who claim they are the only white country blues group in the world, have found London ...

Canned Heat: Revolution, London

Live Review by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 14 September 1968

"IT'S A LOW-down... dirty shame," sang big Bob Hite, lead singer with Canned Heat, when the American blues group in the NME Chart with 'On ...

Canned Heat Adds Blues to Its Rock: Band at the Fillmore East Performs With Power

Live Review by Mike Jahn, New York Times, The, 23 November 1968

CANNED HEAT is a soulful rock group that escaped from the psychedelic badlands of California and now is working hard to become the top blues ...

The Newport Pop Festival: Two Days of Surprises, Flowers, Cream Pies... and Super Sounds!

Live Review by Carol Deck, Flip, December 1968

THE ONLY THING really wrong with the Newport Pop Festival held recently in Orange Country, Calif, was that it wasn't in Monterey. ...

Canned Heat: Livin' The Blues (Liberty) The Band: Music From Big Pink (Capitol)

Review by Charlie Gillett, Times Educational Supplement, 14 March 1969

IF YOU'RE A young white man who digs the blues and who likes to make music, what do you do about it? Your decision used ...

The Blues

Essay by Miller Francis Jr., Great Speckled Bird, The, 16 June 1969

"All new technologies bring on the cultural blues, just as the old ones evoke phantom pain after they have disappeared." — Marshall McLuhan, War and ...


Report by Miller Francis Jr., Great Speckled Bird, The, 1 September 1969

"Man, what done got into them ofays?" one asked. "It ain't nothing. They just trying to get back, that's all" "Get back?" said the ...

Canned Heat: Future Blues (Liberty)

Review by Anne Moore, Phonograph Record, September 1970

CANNED HEAT is back with the familiar boogie blues with their new Liberty album, Future Blues. ...

Canned Heat: Alan Kept Balance

Obituary by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 12 September 1970

THE DEATH of Alan Wilson at the weekend left more than a musical gap in the line-up of Canned Heat. Up against the earthiness and ...

John Sebastian, Canned Heat, Eric Burdon & War et al: Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 19 September 1970

JOHN SEBASTIAN brought a little sunshine into a gloomy Hyde Park, London, on Saturday. ...

The Animals, Canned Heat and Guess Who albums

Review by Dave Marsh, Creem, March 1971

The Animals With Eric Burdon: In The Beginning (Wand) Canned Heat: Live At Topanga Corral (Wand) Guess Who: Shakin' All Over (Scepter) ...

John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat: Carnegie Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Mike Jahn, New York Times, The, 17 April 1971

Hooker Performs With a Pop Group He Helped Inspire ...

Harvey Mandel

Profile and Interview by uncredited writer, Hit Parader, July 1971

RECOGNITION AS an outstanding musician hasn't come overnight for Harvey Mandel, but he prefers it that way. He's been moving up slowly and steadily and ...

Canned Heat

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 1 July 1972

THE drive out to Topanga Canyon from Hollywood along Sunset is quite a heady experience in itself and when Bob "The Bear" Hite is there ...

Canned Heat: One More River To Cross

Review by Harold Bronson, Rolling Stone, 28 February 1974

ONE WOULD EXPECT that with its new label, Atlantic, and rejuvenated line-up (which includes Bob Hite, vocals; Henry Vestine, guitar; Fito de la Pareda, drums; ...

Canned Heat: The Fire's Lit — The Heat Is On

Interview by Steven Rosen, Sounds, 2 March 1974

THE INDUSTRY of music hangs like the sword of Damocles over its performers. At any turn an artist may be erased from the books by ...

Canned Heat: One More River To Cross

Review by John Swenson, Zoo World, 14 March 1974

CANNED HEAT is one of those groups who hang on by the skin of their teeth, jumping over a spate of mediocre albums from success ...

Bass Guitarist Larry Taylor

Profile and Interview by Steven Rosen, Guitar Player, October 1975

LARRY TAYLOR is not one of your loud bass players; rather, he opts for minimum volume so he can punctuate and accent his playing with ...

Canned Heat: Live At Topanga Corral

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 5 June 1976

WHITE PLAGIARISTS almost killed the blues as a vital force in popular music. The perpetual rip-off of Elmore James' phrases, and the piquant cries of ...

Canned Heat: Still On The Road Again

Retrospective and Interview by Paul Gabriel, DISCoveries, August 1994

"I BELIEVE WE had the biggest response, of any group [at Woodstock]," says Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra, Canned Heat's drummer, who appeared with them ...

Canned Heat: Uncanned

Review by Andy Gill, MOJO, October 1994

WHILE BRITAIN WAS IN THE THROES of blues-boom mania in the late '60s, American youth had little time for that particular shade of black music. ...


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