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Boxer: Patto With Punch

Report and Interview by Dave Laing, Sounds, 4 October 1975

A FEW WEEKS ago, the Bay City Rollers, plus entourage of managers, accountants and the rest were whisked out to The Manor in deepest Oxfordshire, ...

Boxer: College Of Food Technology, Weybridge

Live Review by John Tobler, New Musical Express, 7 February 1976

BOXER'S WARM-up gig, one of a few, prior to their major tour which starts shortly…and the hall was about a third of the size which ...

Boxer: The Nude, The Boxing Glove And The Wooden Box

Report and Interview by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 10 April 1976

...a slightly misleading headline heralding an informative article on BOXER which does in fact refer to nudes, boxing gloves and wooden boxes. ...

Mike Patto, Ollie Halsall, and Keith Ellis describe the paths that led them into the ring

Retrospective and Interview by Ira Robbins, Trouser Press, August 1976

AFTER DISCOVERING the group Patto on late-night FM radio several years ago, it was depressing to learn a few months later that the group had ...

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