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Big Time Unknowns: The Box Tops Mystery

Profile by Mike Gormley, The Ottawa Journal, 2 February 1968

THE BEST way to establish an act in the musical big time is to have a No. I record. ...

James Brown, Box Tops, Albert King, Otis Redding et al, Album Reviews

Review by Peter Jones, Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 18 May 1968

Loads of R&B albums including Otis' great Dock Of The Bay LP ...

Meet The Box Tops!

Interview by uncredited writer, Flip, September 1968


The Box Tops: Dimensions, Nonstop, Super Hits

Review by Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone, 27 December 1969

THE BOX TOPS? Are you serious? Those yokel hacks grinding out rattly pop for the tyrannical Top 40? Those squeaky-clean goons in paisley scarves and ...

The Box Tops: Perfectly Packaged Pop That Sold A Million

Retrospective by Tom Hibbert, The History of Rock, 1983

While most of their contemporaries were dabbling in flower power and psychedelia, the Box Tops found success with a pop-oriented soul sound that was distinctly ...

The Box Tops: House Of Blues, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Don Waller, MOJO, August 1997

ADDING YET another layer of cracked lustre to lead singer Alex Chilton's legendary cult-star, The Box Tops popped on-stage, pumping out a pluperfect-for-frat-parties version of ...

The Box Tops

Sleeve notes by Colin Escott, unpublished, September 2001

IN THESE trivia-obsessed times, it's probably worth knowing that the first Number One hit recorded in Memphis by a Memphis act was 'The Letter'. It ...

The Glory and Grandeur That Is Defeat: The Music of Alex Chilton

Special Feature by Michael Baker, Perfect Sound Forever, July 2004

I. Entrance: On the Slopes of Parnassus ...

The Glory and Grandeur That Is Defeat: The Music of Alex Chilton, Part 2

Retrospective by Michael Baker, Perfect Sound Forever, July 2004

IF THE FIRST ALBUM is soulful and unconscious, the second develops a narrator and player who find new voices, taking on consciousness, memory, and loss. ...

Holly George-Warren's Alex Chilton

Memoir by Binky Philips, Huffington Post, 11 April 2014

When I was running the East Village record store, St Mark's Sounds in the 1980s, Alex Chilton's LP Like Flies On Sherbert [sic] was a ...

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