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Bob Neuwirth: Gaslight, New York NY

Live Review by Lillian Roxon, Sydney Morning Herald, the, 7 March 1971


Bob Dylan and Friends on the Bus: Like a Rolling Thunder

Report by Larry Sloman, Rolling Stone, 4 December 1975

NEW YORK — It was four o'clock on a brandy-soaked October Thursday morning in Greenwich Village as about 20 friends and assorted hangers-on gathered in ...

Bob Neuwirth: Look Up (Watermelon)

Review by Tony Scherman, Entertainment Weekly, April 1996

AT FIRST you notice Neuwirth's puny vocals – he makes guest Peter Case's scrawny voice sound positively rich. ...

A Movie For David Geffen

Retrospective and Interview by Al Aronowitz, The Blacklisted Journalist, 1 July 1997

I. WHEN I TELL people that Bobby Neuwirth was one of the hippest men I ever knew, they say, "Who?" They want to know didn't I ...

Bob Neuwirth: An Appreciation

Memoir by Gary Lucas, Culture Catch, 23 May 2022

I FIRST RAN into Bob Neuwirth on a change of planes in Chicago, on the way from NYC to play the Winnipeg Folk Festival, must have ...


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