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Pop View: The Perils of Loving Old Records Too Much

Comment by Simon Reynolds, The New York Times, 5 December 1993

TODAY'S ALTERNATIVE rock suffers from a strange kind of nostalgia — a yearning for a golden age that one never personally experienced. There's a term ...

Blind Melon

Interview by Simon Witter, Sky, February 1994

After 18 months on the road, supporting Guns N’Roses, Neil Young and Lenny Kravitz, platinum-selling slackers Blind Melon break for a curry in London, and ...

Blind Melon: Cosmic Gumbo

Report and Interview by Dave DiMartino, MOJO, July 1994

Blues with just a soupcon of psychedelia. Dash of raga-rock. R&B to taste. Put in blender. Heat, serve. Repeat as required. ...

Blind Melon: Soup (Capitol)

Review by Chuck Eddy, Spin, October 1995

'NO RAIN' by Blind Melon was a very popular song around my house two summers ago — all I can say is our life was ...

RIP: An Interview with Shannon Hoon

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Request, 1996

SHANNON HOON, Blind Melon vocalist, died on a tour bus on October 21st in a hotel parking lot in New Orleans. To complete the rock ...

Blind Melon: Nico (Capitol/All formats)

Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 1 February 1997

IT'S EVIL to speak ill of the dead... Therefore, any suggestions that late Blind Melon vocalist Shannon Hoon got cheated by Lucifer when he went ...

Christopher Thorn and Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon

Interview by Steven Rosen,, 27 January 2007

BLIND MELON may have been a lynchpin back in the 90's, a nexus between rock and new wave and songwriters and guitar soloists. But the ...


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