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Blancmange: Custard's last stand

Profile and Interview by Mick Sinclair, Sounds, 13 March 1982

Blancmange crack the instant whip ...

Blancmange: Hammersmith Palais, London

Live Review by Betty Page, Record Mirror, 8 January 1983

Tea's company ...

Blancmange: The Ritz, New York

Live Review by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 12 March 1983

AMERICANS HAVE never heard of Blancmange: they can't buy it in shops and they can't pronounce it. If Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe are to ...

Blancmange: Stuck In The Mould

Report and Interview by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 19 March 1983

Paolo Hewitt attempts to cultivate a taste for Blancmange but finds their electronic packet mix still leaves him cold... but not freezing. ...


Interview by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 26 May 1983

IT'S THE UNEARTHLY hour of 8.0 in the morning in some place called Astwick. Your reporter and the two members of Blancmange (both a trifle ...

Blancmange Q&A

Interview by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 10 May 1984

When Neil Arthur first met Stephen Luscombe, he thought he was "a bit strange". When Stephen first met Neil, he thought he was "a right ...

Blancmange, Timbuk3: Roxy, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 12 February 1986


The Human League: Credo/Blancmange: Blanc Burn

Review by John McCready, The Word, April 2011

Shiny new albums by Blancmange and the Human League show they'll stop at nothing in the service of "electronic ideals". ...


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