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Black Francis: Borderline, London

Live Review by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, November 1990

UP THE ROAD, veteran boogie-metal beasts Blackfoot are packing the Marquee but Charles F easily outbids them in the none-blacker rock stakes. For wandering on ...

Frank Black Francis: Black Francis Demo/Frank Black Francis

Review by Keith Cameron, MOJO, November 2004

THE ONGOING rapprochement of Frank Black with Black Francis represents a remarkable turnaround. This is the man who, on the advent of what would prove ...

Black Francis: NonStopErotik

Review by John Calvert, The Quietus, 26 March 2010

HAVING SPENT over a decade pottering on the periphery with an air of janitorial resignation, Frank Black has finally turned in the greatest number of ...

Black Francis brings "Erotik" art to intimate space

Interview by Jim Sullivan, Boston Herald, 1 September 2010

BLACK FRANCIS will be doing what he's done a lot over the past few years. He'll be singing and playing guitar with the Pixies, the ...

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