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Disassociate!: The Associates

Interview by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 9 October 1982

THE WHIPPETS have pissed on the carpet of Chris Parry's Office. Billy Mackenzie grins, a little wickedly; there's a nice little stain that should be ...

Spoilt Brat, Silly Prat Or Visionary Genius?: Billy Mackenzie

Interview by Don Watson, New Musical Express, 10 September 1983

ONLY A YEAR AGO The Associates seemed to have the world at their feet; with three hit singles behind them and their first tour in ...

Billy Mackenzie: Ronnie Scott's, London

Live Review by Max Bell, The Times, 12 December 1984

The odd twist ...

Mackenzie's Return

Interview by Jon Wilde, Blitz, October 1988

Pop erratic, matinee idol, cool-obsessive, ex-insomniac, hopeless romantic, strategist, hedonist. After a series of chart successes with the Associates and a protracted three-year vacation, Billy ...

Everybody's gone drop of the pops

Report and Interview by Lucy O'Brien, The Guardian, 14 November 1991

As the recession hits record labels, Lucy O'Brien talks to some of the bands who've been given the chop ...

Billy Mackenzie: Outernational (Circa CIR 22)

Review by Martin Aston, Q, September 1992

THE ONE asset Billy MacKenzie hasn't lost sight of in his wayward career is that delicious voice — a sweeter impression of the quasi-operatic croon ...

Billy Mackenzie: Beyond The Sun

Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 1997

BILLY MACKENZIE was narcissism made flesh, the Devil's grin on his dimpled face and the best white pop voice of the last 20 years gushing ...

Those Last Impressions: Billy MacKenzie

Retrospective by Lucy O'Brien, Q, 1997

When Billy MacKenzie committed suicide in January, he was about to re-launch a career that sparkled briefly but brilliantly with The Associates. Lucy O'Brien recalls ...

Billy Mackenzie: Pop's Great Outsider

Obituary by Paul Morley, The Guardian, 27 January 1997

AN ANARCHIC Bassey, a sinister Pavarotti, a monstrous madcap Bowie, even when he was at his most obscure, his most difficult and extreme, there was ...

The Bizarre Life And Lonely Death Of Billy Mackenzie

Retrospective by Paul Lester, Uncut, June 1997

TOP OF THE POPS, MARCH 3, 1982. A relatively unknown band from north of the border are about to do what David Bowie, Roxy Music ...

Billy MacKenzie: Beyond The Sun

Review by Paul Lester, Uncut, November 1997

BEYOND THE Sun is a fitting tribute to Billy Mackenzie, who committed suicide this year, although it was nearly a completely different album. This posthumous ...

Tom Doyle: The Glamour Chase – The Maverick Life Of Billy MacKenzie (Bloomsbury)

Book Review by Martin Aston, Q, September 1998

EVERY PICTURE tells a story. In this biography of the late singer Billy MacKenzie, there's a photo, circa 1971, of St. Michael's School's under-15s Football ...

Haig/Mackenzie: Memory Palace

Review by Paul Lester, Uncut, December 1999

ON THE NIGHT of Wednesday, January 22, 1997, Billy MacKenzie, outrageously gifted vocalist with the Associates and writer of some of the most extraordinary music ...

Billy MacKenzie

Profile by David Stubbs, Uncut, August 2000

"MacKenzie's real fear was the banal actuality of pop success…to keep his perfect, impossible-past-and-future pop fantasy intact, it was necessary to destroy Associates" ...

The Associates: Wild and lonely

Retrospective and Interview by Paul Lester, Record Collector, April 2007

In January 1997, Billy Mackenzie, the most astonishing singer of his generation, was found dead. 10 years on, no one quite knows why the mercurial ...

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