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Bill Monroe (1979)

Interview by Karl Dallas, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1979

The King of the bluegrass Mandolin discusses his approach to music, the influence of the blues, playing with the likes of Flatt & Scruggs, and gives his view of contemporary bluegrass artists such as the Dillards.

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Charlie Rich, Tom T. Hall, Bill Monroe: Felt Forum, New York NY

Live Review by Ian Dove, The New York Times, 11 February 1974

Charlie Rich, Tom T. Hall Head Country Music Bill ...

Bill Monroe: Grand Ole Opry, Newmarket, Suffolk

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 3 May 1975

EVERYONE SAID we'd gone to the wrong concert. The second of Monroe's two bluegrass concerts at Newmarket's Grand Ole Opry on Sunday was the one ...

Bill Monroe: Greyfriars Monastery, Glasgow

Live Review by Dave Laing, Sounds, 10 May 1975

Kentucky Friar Bluegrass: At 63, Bill Monroe's Fingers Are Still as Nimble As Ever. Dave Laing reports from Greyfriars Monastery, near Glasgow. ...

Bill Monroe: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Vivien Goldman, New Musical Express, 24 May 1975

BILL MONROE IS the main-man of bluegrass music, a veteran innovator whose recording career spans 40 years. ...

AUDIO: Bill Monroe (1979)

Audio transcript of interview by Karl Dallas, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1979

This is a transcription of Karl's audio interview with Kentucky's bluegrass king. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

Bill Monroe, The Original Bluegrass Boy: "I Keep The Music Going Near Right as I Can..."

Interview by Richard Harrington, The Washington Post, 7 June 1981

BILL MONROE is the champagne of the bluegrass world — opening a club or kicking off a new festival without him would almost be unthinkable. ...

Before Bluegrass, Bill Monroe Was Already a Star

Retrospective by Tony Scherman, The New York Times, July 2000

SO CLOSELY IS the late Bill Monroe identified with his musical creation, bluegrass, that it's almost as if man and music called each other into ...

Come On, Let's Go!: Elvis on the Hayride

Retrospective by Colin Escott, MOJO, December 2004

When Elvis joined the Louisiana Hayride in 1954, he changed music history forever. Colin Escott tells the wild, wild story. ...


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