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Bert Jansch (2000)

Interview by Colin Harper, Rock's Backpages audio, 8 June 2000

The folk guitar wizard talks about being the subject of biography and documentary; the revival of interest in '60s folk; his most recent recordings and his upcoming planes.

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Jansch — 'Don't Ask What My Message Is'

Interview by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 28 August 1965

BERT JANSCH is one of the newer crop of folk singers who have spurned the more traditional forms for something approaching a pop-folk style. ...

Bert Jansch: One of the Roving Kind

Interview by Nancy Lewis, Fabulous, 13 November 1965

THE SCOTS Hoose is a pub in Cambridge Circus. But if you go upstairs any Tuesday evening, you might as well be a million miles ...

Britain's Folk Scene: 'Skiffle Craze' to Clubs in Pubs

Review by Robert Shelton, The New York Times, 6 March 1966

LONDON — AN American visitor to Great Britain's folk-music community can only experience a sense of exhilaration at the liveliness, diversity and number of activities ...

Jansch digs back into tradition

Interview by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 16 July 1966

THE BALLAD the young man sang was long but the audience hung on every word. In his own individual way he managed to project some ...

Bert Jansch: Jack Orion (Transatlantic TRA 143)

Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 17 September 1966

BERT JANSCH has always been an interesting performer, and he has been the nearest thing Britain has had to offer to compare with the crop ...

Bert Jansch: St. Pancras Town Hall, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 22 October 1966

TAKE ONE of our most introspective folk singers and put him alone on a stage for nearly three hours. It sounds like madness, but when ...

Bert Jansch: Moonshine (Reprise)

Review by Andrew Means, Melody Maker, 24 February 1973

BERT JANSCH'S music has matured into predictable shapes. The combination of traditional and self-composed songs which makes up the major proportion of his repertoire, the ...

'Bert Jansch? Not Still Going, Is He?'

Interview by Fred Dellar, New Musical Express, 18 October 1975

Certainly he is, still alive and well and producing records; rumours of his retirement have been exaggerated. ...

Bert Jansch: An Everyday Story of Funky Folk

Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 17 January 1976

NOW THAT Bert has returned from the Continent, where he has been touring these months and more, he will have to find somewhere else to ...

Bert Jansch: The Venue, London

Live Review by Mick Brown, The Guardian, 22 January 1981

WITH THE audience for folk music in a state of steady and seemingly irreversible decline, appearances by Bert Jansch seem to have become ever fewer ...

Bert Jansch Conundrum: Thirteen Down (Fantasy/Kicking Mule)

Sleeve notes by Bill Wasserzieher, Fantasy/Kicking Mule Records, 1998

MUSIC COMMENTATOR Colin Harper once wrote that Bert Jansch, on a scale of one to 10 in terms of popular notoriety, probably would come in ...

Anne Briggs: In Search of the Wild Rover

Retrospective and Interview by Colin Harper, MOJO, March 1998

Richard Thompson wrote a song about her. Jimmy Page unplugged on her account. Singers from June Tabor to Kate Rusby revere her as the queen ...

The Dazzling Bert Jansch

Report and Interview by Colin Harper, The Independent, 23 June 2000

"MY INTEREST IN ALBUMS usually wanes around this point," says Bert Jansch, 57 this year and, for all the outward appearance of a man who ...

Bert Jansch and Davey Graham

Retrospective and Interview by Colin Harper, MOJO, July 2000

NOTE: This piece was adapted and expanded, with additional material, from Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch And The British Folk & Blues Revival (Bloomsbury). It is ...

Bert and my Book

Comment by Colin Harper, The Irish Times, 1 September 2000

CURRENTLY HOT on the heels of Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash as an individualist icon of 20th Century music – name-dropped as an ...

Bert Jansch Takes The High Road

Comment by Michael Goldberg, Neumu, 31 May 2002

Discovering the idiosyncratic yet influential Scottish folk singer. ...

Bert Jansch: The Black Swan

Review by Graeme Thomson, The Word, October 2006

THE PROBLEM with so many virtuoso musicians is that their technical skill impedes the act of communication: it becomes the focus of all the attention, ...

Bert Jansch: Invisible Jukebox

Interview by Mike Barnes, The Wire, February 2007

Complete draft of the feature originally published in The Wire 276, Feb 2007 ...

Bert Jansch: A Modest Man with an Immodest Talent

Obituary by Pete Paphides, The Guardian, 6 October 2011

"REMEMBER ASKING Bert, 'When you were doing it, did you know that you were like … heavy? Heavier than all those bands that were heavy? ...

Bert Jansch: On The Road So Long

Obituary by Colin Irwin, MOJO, December 2011

A virtuoso guitarist who knew no boundaries and inspired Jimmy Page and Neil Young, Bert Jansch died on October 5. Colin Irwin says farewell ...

Bert Jansch: Living In The Shadows (Earth)

Review by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, February 2017

IT'S DIFFICULT TO imagine a musician of Bert Jansch's standing and talent ever being taken for granted. But back in 1990, save for the attention ...

Bert Jansch: Living In The Shadows (Earth)

Review by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, February 2017

IT'S DIFFICULT to imagine a musician of Bert Jansch's standing and talent ever being taken for granted. But back in 1990, save for the attention ...

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