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Dan Smith of Bastille: "I sound like a nervous wreck who hates doing this"

Profile and Interview by Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian, 25 August 2016

DAN SMITH AND I have been talking in the corner of a hotel bar for ten minutes when a middle-aged man walks over and asks: ...

Bastille: Wild World

Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 8 September 2016

BEING HIGHLY successful seems not to have figured in frontman Dan Smith's aspirations for Bastille, whose 4m album sales have triggered ambivalence and self-doubt. ...

Bastille: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Rick Pearson, The Evening Standard, 17 April 2018

"AS YOU CAN see," said Bastille's Dan Smith, looking round at the orchestra and choir, "we're doing things a little differently tonight." That's something of ...


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