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Fun Boy Three & Bananarama

Interview by Ian Birch, Smash Hits, 21 January 1982

CAST YOUR eyes to the right. You know the gents. That's a walkover. It's the Fun Boy Three. ...

Meet Bananarama — Three Fun Girls With A-Peel

Report and Interview by Toby Goldstein, Creem, December 1982

NEW YORK — Bad puns by silly reporters should have been the worst problem the tempting British trio called Bananarama faced during their first trip ...

Fun Boy Three: Waiting (Chrysalis); Bananarama: Deep Sea Skiving (London)

Review by J.D. Considine, Musician, June 1983

ON THE surface, these two records seem to have a lot in common. Aside from the fact that the Funboys helped to get Bananarama together ...

Bananarama: Q&A

Interview by Neil Tennant, Smash Hits, 23 June 1983

Just how different are they? Neil Tennant puts the girls through that terrifying ordeal — being asked the same questions separately. And here's the answers. ...

Bananarama: Deep Sea Skiving (London)

Review by Craig Zeller, Creem, July 1983

HEARING MY fickle cad of a friend freely admit that he was throwing the Go-Go's over for Bananarama on the basis of one import single ...

Bananarama: We All Broke Down And Cried

Interview by Ian Birch, Smash Hits, 15 March 1984

The last eight months have been a "nightmare" for Bananarama. Ian Birch finds out what went wrong. ...

Bananarama: Mean Streaks and True Confessions

Interview by Susan Williams, New Musical Express, 28 April 1984

WHACKING THROUGH the poster-rack at Woolworths. Staring back at the faces of the semi-famous packaged like slabs of bacon. ...

Bananarama: Bananarama (London)

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, August 1984

BANANARAMA CAN'T BE bothered to raise their voices; it's just not worth it. The attitude is cool deadpan, the image is ye'-ye' girls with a ...

A few home truths about Bananarama

Interview by Chris Heath, Smash Hits, 28 August 1985

• Keren phones people when she's in the bath! Siobhan's growing some lovely gladis in the garden! Sarah's been putting up her own shelves! ...

Bananarama: These Charming Girls

Interview by Iman Lababedi, Creem, December 1986

"Who steals my purse steals trash, 'tis something, nothing; 'twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands. But he who filches from me ...

Who the hell do BANANARAMA think they are?

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, September 1988

You nip into the studio, warble a bit, nip out and embark on a fresh round of televised formation-jigging, giggling press encounters, hazy photo opportunities ...

Bananarama: Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Don Waller, Los Angeles Times, 10 April 1989

Bananarama Half-Packs Universal Amphitheatre ...

Bananarama: Girls Together Outrageously

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Melody Maker, 28 July 1990

Ten years on from their ramshackle beginnings, BANANARAMA are the most successful female pop group in the world. They've got wit, flair and great shoulders. ...

Bananarama: Sisters Undie The Skin

Interview by Betty Page, New Musical Express, 4 May 1991

After the gold-disc rush of SAW, BANANARAMA are doing the Dobbie, rediscovering Youth, preparing for their tenth anniversary as The Greatest British All Girl Group ...

Girl Groups: Smash Hits

Report by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 2 August 1999

So Mel C thinks Geri H is untalented, does she? When girl bands break up, says Caroline Sullivan, the pops get personal ...

Bananarama: Viva Bananarama

Review by Lloyd Bradley,, 14 September 2009

They still bristle with a pop energy born out of total conviction. ...

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