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The Au Pairs: Battle of the Sexes

Profile and Interview by Dave McCullough, Sounds, 5 January 1980

I REMEMBER I got a letter some time ago from Ali of Another Tuneless Racket fanzine from Scotland, in which the author questioned the reasoning ...

Women in Rock: Cute, Cute, Cutesy Goodbye

Interview by Deanne Pearson, New Musical Express, 29 March 1980

Exploited for the last two decades as dumb but pretty decorations in rock, some girls now demand and deserve musical respect — but some girls ...

Au Pairs: Every Home Should Have Four

Interview by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 11 October 1980

"THE TROUBLE with conversations like this," declares Pete, nodding sagely, knitting his eyebrows, as he refers to the complex peculiarities of a pop group who ...

Au Pairs: Vote Vote Vote

Interview by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 10 January 1981

MARK COOPER joins the AU PAIRS' campaign trail ...

Equal Shares For The Au Pairs

Interview by Iman Lababedi, Creem, May 1982

"He works the car, she the sink She's not here to think Sits with the paper, discuss the news She doesn't have political views" 'Diet' ...

Au Pairs: Sex Without Stress

Interview by Lynden Barber, Melody Maker, 12 June 1982

HOW COULD they have known? The caption under the BBC1 column in the Sunday Times television listings for May 30 was unmistakeable. "6.10. Sense And ...

Au Pairs: Stepping Out of Line

Retrospective and Interview by Kieron Tyler, MOJO, March 2006

THE MIDDLE OF the first decade of the 21st century has seen a reappraisal of the music which followed punk. Not an academic, clinical exercise, ...


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