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The Asylum Choir: Look Inside the Asylum Choir (Smash SRS 67107)

Review by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 29 September 1968

Superlatives for Latest Rock Album ...

The Asylum Choir: A Home Set Up Beats the System

Interview by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 25 November 1968

ROCK ARTISTS have been spending increasing amounts of time in recording studios during the past couple of years. Many contemporary albums now require several months ...

Platter Chatter

Review by uncredited writer, Hit Parader, March 1969

New Albums from Jeff Beck, Freddie King et al ...

Marc Benno: More Minnows to Come

Interview by Judith Sims, Rolling Stone, 22 June 1972

LOS ANGELES — Marc Benno used to be Leon Russell's musical partner; as the notorious Asylum Choir they made two albums together in Los Angeles ...

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