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Arcade Fire's Win Butler (2005)

Interview by Gavin Martin, Rock's Backpages audio, November 2005

Mr. Butler talks about the band's touring lifestyle; working on new songs for their second album; the way they are received; their live show; being praised by David Bowie; his musical grandparents, and their influence on him, and meeting his wife and fellow bandmember Régine Chassagne.

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Arcade Fire: Funeral

Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 25 February 2005

WHILE EVERY THIRD BRITISH BAND mines 1979-80 post-punk, Arcade Fire, from Canada, have stolen a march by investigating the US "no wave" of the same ...

Arcade Fire: King's College, London

Live Review by Frances Morgan, Plan B, April 2005

WE WERE LATE, and lost. We took the lift and arrived at the wrong floor. I asked a white-shirted boy where the band were. Which ...

Arcade Fire: Great Expectations

Profile and Interview by Keith Cameron, MOJO, June 2005

With their startling debut album, American-Canadian collective the Arcade Fire have accumulated a fervent word-of-mouth following that numbers David Bowie, Beck, Bjork and David Byrne ...

The Arcade Fire

Interview by John Doran, Disorder, December 2005

In such a time of emotional flux for the Arcade Fire; losing close family members, founder members getting married, recording an album of immense beauty, ...

Why the Arcade Fire are molten hot

Comment by Jude Rogers, The Guardian, 20 February 2007

Two weeks until Neon Bible hits the shops and the hype has hit Arctic Monkeys levels. But where are the sceptical critics to keep the ...

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

Review by Mike Diver, Drowned in Sound, 8 March 2007

FORGET your wake adages: this isn't the post-Funeral party, the celebratory exhalation of relief following the enduring of an impossible to pinpoint pain. ...

Keep the Faith: The Arcade Fire

Profile and Interview by Paul Morley, Observer Music Monthly, 18 March 2007

Love, death, religion, war: Arcade Fire explore such epic themes in so thrilling a fashion that critics, fans and their rock star peers find themselves ...

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

Review by Jude Rogers, New Statesman, 19 March 2007

MONTREAL'S ARCADE FIRE are the band of the moment. To the critical mob and clued-up music fans, they are the fresh-faced heirs to the epic-pop ...

Arcade Fire: Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC

Live Review by Fred Mills, Harp, May 2007

WHAT A difference a couple of years makes. Or do they? ...

Arcade Fire: The Unforgettable Fire

Profile and Interview by Nick Hasted, Uncut, January 2008

Uncut has said for two years that the Arcade Fire are one of the best bands in the world. But how are they coping with ...

Arcade Fire: Spontaneous Combustion - The Return Of Arcade Fire

Profile by Andy Gill, The Independent, 23 July 2010

Arcade Fire's first album catapulted the unconventional Canadian outfit into the rock stratosphere, drawing eulogies from Springsteen, Bowie, Byrne and more. Six years later, their ...

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Review by Pete Paphides, The Times, 31 July 2010

"I WOULD LIKE to think that in ten years' time, if people were to greet a new Arcade Fire album with that sort of build-up, ...

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Review by Mike Diver,, August 2010

IF 2007'S NEON BIBLE was supposed to be Arcade Fire's difficult second album, it didn't show. Top marks from a cavalcade of critical tomes saw the Montreal ...

Arcade Fire Go Big at Madison Square Garden

Live Review by Will Hermes, Rolling Stone, 5 August 2010

A FEW YEARS BACK, U2 used Arcade Fire's recording of 'Wake Up' to pump up arena crowds before they hit the stage. ...

The Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Review by Dorian Lynskey, Q, September 2010

IN MAY, WHEN news broke that Arcade Fire's third album would be called The Suburbs, one online fan posted a joke tracklisting featuring such numbers ...

Arcade Fire: "The clichéd rock life never seemed that cool to us"

Profile and Interview by Sean O'Hagan, The Observer, 28 November 2010

IN A CONCRETE room backstage at the Palau Sant Jordi arena in Barcelona, I am midway through a post-show interview with Arcade Fire's unfeasibly tall, ...

Arcade Fire's Band Aid for Haiti

Report and Interview by Alan Light, Mother Jones, January 2011

The dynamic duo behind Arcade Fire on charity, indie cred, and staying sane. ...

Arcade Fire: "It's a lot easier to get smaller"

Interview by Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian, 10 February 2011

WITH A No. 1 album on both sides of the Atlantic, Arcade Fire are on the verge of U2-scale stardom. But, ever the provocateurs, they ...

Arcade Fire: Reflektor

Review by Mike Diver, Clash, 30 September 2013

ARCADE FIRE's penchant for an album-uniting concept is nothing new. 2010's multi-award-winning The Suburbs arrived informed by its makers' upbringing, at the fringes of bigger-city ...

Arcade Fire: Reflektor (Sonovox)

Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 18 October 2013

THE ALBUM COVER image of Rodin's Orpheus & Eurydice signals the theme of Arcade Fire's longest and most involved album yet: this is a work ...

Arcade Fire: Reflektor

Review by Andy Gill, Uncut, November 2013

A GRAND — sometimes cacophonous — inquisition into what comes next. ...

Arcade Fire in Haiti: "I feel like it makes sense of me"

Report and Interview by Edward Helmore, The Guardian, 26 February 2014

WHERE WOULD Arcade Fire be without the woo-hoos and dense rhythms that characterise many of their best songs? Likely not in Jacmel, a Haitian coastal ...


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