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Alvin Lee (2012)

Interview by Roy Trakin, Rock's Backpages audio, 3 July 2012

The ex-Ten Years After guitar wrangler talks about his new album, Still on the Road to Freedom; no longer being the fastest guitar player in the West; memories of playing with Scotty Moore and Jerry Lee Lewis, and how Woodstock took him out of the small halls he preferred.

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Alvin Lee and Mylon Lefevre: They'd Rather Do It Themselves

Interview by Harold Bronson, Zoo World, 14 February 1974

LOS ANGELES – Alvin Lee, hyperactive on-stage, doesn't race around the familiar public relations office bumping into desks and chairs with incessantly twitching fingers. Ten ...

Alvin Lee: On The Road To Freedom

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 11 April 1974

TWO OFTEN UNPERSUASIVE musicians have combined to make an album better than any of their past work. Alvin Lee and Mylon LeFevre may have always ...

Alvin Lee & Co: In Flight (Chrysalis)

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 16 November 1974

CLAP YO' hands and stomp those feet, here's some funky music, you can't beat. ...

Alvin Lee: Alvin Thrills the U.S. Army Freaks

Report and Interview by Jonh Ingham, New Musical Express, 28 December 1974

ALVIN LEE is a deceptive character. He's never really worked at making his presence felt in the way Rod Stewart or Elton John have done, ...

Alvin Lee's Long Road To Freedom

Interview by Barbara Charone, Rolling Stone, 13 February 1975

LONDON – Alvin Lee is on the road again, and this time he's not going home. ...

Alvin Lee: Going Home No More

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 22 March 1975

ALVIN LEE is getting into self-sufficiency. Along with many fellow Britons, alarmed at the daily news, he is determined to make full use of the ...

Alvin Lee: In Flight

Review by Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone, 10 April 1975

BRITISH BLUES has always been a workmanlike form, as much a job as a pleasure. Alvin Lee is smart enough to realize this, and having ...

Alvin Lee: TYA's Animated Man

Interview by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 11 October 1975

TO VISIT ALVIN LEE at home is seemingly to see a man living the perfect fantasy life – 40 room mansion, large gardens, recording studio, ...

Alvin Lee: Lemme Out!

Interview by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 1 May 1976

AT 3PM, Alvin Lee, benevolent despot, was still asleep – he hadn't gone to bed until 9.30am – so it seemed a good excuse to ...

Is There Life After Rock Guitar Godhead?

Overview by Roy Trakin, Musician, 1994

ALVIN LEE HAD reached the pinnacle of rock guitardom. Of course, by the time Woodstock was over, his "I'm Going Home... by helicopter" histrionics would ...

Finally Going Home: Alvin Lee

Interview by Roy Trakin, Rock's Backpages, March 2013

This tribute piece is based on an interview conducted on the release of Alvin's 2012 album Still on the Road to Freedom, a sequel of ...

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