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Cowboy Songs and other Frontier Ballads by John A. Lomax; American Ballads and Folk Songs by John A. and Alan Lomax (both Macmillan)

Book Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 20 May 1967

IT ALL started with the Lomaxes — at least it often seems that way. Though there have been other American folksong collectors, before and since, ...

Alan Lomax: Making a Science of Man's Music

Profile and Interview by Geoffrey Cannon, Los Angeles Times, 23 January 1972

Alan Lomax, the man who went into the fields of the southern states in the 1930s and brought the glory of the blues to the attention ...

Alan Lomax: Outstanding In His Field

Profile by Matt Hanks, Memphis Flyer, 24 July 1997

I AM AN American citizen," he muttered, glaring around. "These Memphis cops call me vagrant, but I'm a musician. These Southern laws don't recognize a ...


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