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A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Guru

Report and Interview by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 15 April 1989

Despite the praise heaped on A GUY CALLED GERALD'S hypnotic first single, 'Voodoo Ray', nothing much seemed to happen. Then the single hit the clubs ...

A Guy Called Gerald: Moss Side Shuffle

Interview by John Robb, Sounds, 29 April 1989

A Guy Called Gerald explains to John Robb why his aims are wider than mere chart success ...

Journey To The Centre Of House (In Search Of A Guy Called Gerald): High On Hope, MFI, The Jayne Parade, Sin; London

Live Review by Jack Barron, New Musical Express, 20 May 1989



Report by Len Brown, The Observer, 17 December 1989

Techno-beat may have played itself out in the capital, but in Manchester it's the rhythm which has sparked a working-class musical revolution. LEN BROWN reports ...

Happy Mondays and A Guy Called Gerald Hit the Northern Lights

Report and Interview by Andrew Smith, Melody Maker, 30 March 1990

They came, they saw, they got wrecked and the police were called. Last week, Andrew Smith travelled to Reykjavík with both bands and witnessed scenes ...

Jungle!: The Last Dance Underground

Report by Kodwo Eshun, i-D, May 1994

Jungle is a fierce and frenzied soundtrack to inner city Britain in '94. Based around raw, ragga-influenced white labels, raves and pirate radio stations, it's ...

A Guy Called Gerald: Jungle Heritage

Profile and Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 8 October 1994

SIMON REYNOLDS reports on the cyber-black world of A GUY CALLED GERALD. ...

It's a Jungle Out There...

Overview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 15 October 1994

Ask yer proverbial suburban kid on the street, and chances are they won't be into Blur, Suede, Nirvana or Oasis — they'll be hardcore JUNGLE ...

Law of the Jungle

Overview by Chris Campion, URB, 1995

NEW MUSIC is born of the old. Hip-hop and Rock 'n' Roll can be traced back through Delta Blues, field and slave songs back to ...

A Guy Called Gerald: Return of the Gerald

Interview by Bethan Cole, Mixmag, February 1995

With 'Voodoo Ray' A Guy Called Gerald defined British acid house. With '28-Gun Bad Boy' he lit the fuse that became jungle. With his new ...

µ-Ziq, A Guy Called Gerald, Renegade Soundwave, Global Communications, Dreadzone: The Rocket, London

Live Review by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 4 February 1995


A Guy Called Gerald: Black Secret Technology (Juke Box JB2 13tks/70mins/FP)

Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 18 February 1995

Freaked out by the photocopier? Frightened of the fax machine? Fascinated by both? Don't worry, our relationship with technology is necessarily double-edged – and it's ...

A Guy Called Gerald: Wicked Guy!

Profile and Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 25 March 1995

A GUY CALLED GERALD is at the forefront of junglist innovation and future-shock technological experimentation. A guy called SIMON REYNOLDS joins him in virtual space. ...

Drum & Bass: Sonic Youth

Guide by Kodwo Eshun, The Face, January 1996

CALL IT drum & bass, breakbeat science or hardstep. As jungle accelerates faster into the future, it is splintering into a million different theme tunes ...

Have You Ever Ridden a Horse? A Guy Called Gerald

Interview by Emma Warren, Jockey Slut, October 1997


Acid House: '88 State

Retrospective and Interview by Andy Crysell, New Musical Express, 25 April 1998

Disco biscuits, gurning, raves, sartorial bonkersness, and, um, Guru Josh! The ACID HOUSE scene brought us many things when it exploded in 1988; it also ...

Essence of Gerald

Profile and Interview by Chris Campion, URB, August 2000

TWO YEARS AGO, A Guy Called Gerald walked away from his London-based label Juicebox and into a new life. He took his studio and his ...


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