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23 Skidoo (2001)

Interview by Bill Brewster, Rock's Backpages Audio, 21 September 2001

Alex Turnbull and "Sketch" Martin take us from the early days in Hackney to the (2001) present day: their association with Throbbing Gristle; early influences; early releases and the band schism; The Culling is Coming and Urban Gamelan; their increasing interest in hip hop, and their Ronin Records label.

File format: mp3; file size: 78.8mb, interview length: 1h 26' 03" sound quality: ****


23 Skidoo — Don't Play Funky For Me!

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 12 June 1982

"You see, the people who constantly listen to pop have their ears degraded by wrong style and reiteration, senseless reiteration..."– Unity Mitford, taped on 'Porno ...

Pigbag: Lend An Ear (Y)/23 Skidoo: The Culling Is Coming (Operating Twilight)

Review by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, 12 February 1983

BOTH OF these docile records stand or fall as assemblages: their creators propose to be organisers of sound, something more than itinerant pop musicians. ...

23 Skidoo: Urban Gamelan; Shriekback: Jam Science

Review by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, 11 August 1984

I DON'T KNOW whether it was the film of African boys being circumcised or the self-important and gimmicky drone that accompanied it, but back in ...

23 Skidoo: Urban Wastelands

Interview by Richard Kick, ZigZag, October 1984

THE THOUGHT was: as a concise introduction into the idea of 23 Skidoo I would write a short piece about Fritz Hamaan. ...

23 Skidoo: Urban Savages

Interview by David Stubbs, The Wire, July 2000

Before their drums fell silent, 23 Skidoo’s percussion-heavy apocalypses ripped away the city’s civilised surface to reveal its primitive heart. Now the long wait is ...

23 Skidoo

Retrospective and Interview by Bill Brewster, Jockey Slut, 2001

"What man is at ease in his Inn?Get out.Wide is the world and cold.Get out.Thou hast become an initiate.Get out."Aleister Crowley – 'Skidoo', chapter 23 ...

23 Skidoo: Seven Songs, Urban Gamelan

Review by Simon Reynolds, Uncut, November 2001

Audacious avant-funksters re-released ...


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